Xanax and Side Effects

Possible side effects from taking Xanax. What are they expressed in? How to minimize them?


Xanax is a reliable and affordable drug that helps get rid of depression, anxiety, insomnia. But, medical medicine can cause side effects. Xanax is no exception. As a rule, this is due to the individual intolerance of the separate components of the drug, violation of the dosage, mixing Xanax with other medicines. Observe the precautions specified in the instructions for use, and in the event of side effects, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Xanax: side effects (major)

In addition to the general positive effect on the patient’s positive well-being, Alprazolam may also have undesirable effects during treatment. Side effects of Xanax may concern the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, genitourinary, respiratory or dermatological system. Below we describe them in more detail.

Researches have shown that most often are:

  • drowsiness, fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, poor coordination;
  • irritation, insomnia, concentration problems;
  • headache, slurred speech, blurred vision, nasal congestion;
  • nausea, vomiting, constipation, indigestion, loss of appetite.

Short Term Effects of Alprazolam


The effect of Xanax comes fairly quickly, especially if you take a large dose of the drug. As a rule, at this moment patients feel completely calm. Many people compare this condition with euphoria. But we cannot exclude the appearance of side effects, even for a short period, such as:

  • a state of complete calm,  reducing stress levels;
  • slowing down of thinking processes;
  • inhibition, slowing down the reaction;
  • reduction of respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure;
  • addictive.

Once again, we clarify that these side effects will not lead to health problems and will not have consequences, but only if the patient does not abuse Xanax: it should be taken for a short time and in small doses.

There are cases when Xanax or some component of the drug can cause an allergic reaction (heart palpitations, urticaria, swelling of the lips, anxiety disorder). In this case, you should immediately stop taking the drug and consult a doctor.

Xanax: long-term side effects

Xanax refers to benzodiazepines – potent drugs that can lead to serious consequences in the case of long-term use and in large doses. These effects include:

  • nonsense;
  • impulsive or aggressive behavior;
  • visual or auditory hallucinations;
  • depression;
  • excessive activity and desire to discuss something;
  • aggressive behavior;
  • suicidal thoughts and actions.

Also, abuse of Xanax can cause weakness, impaired speech or vision, difficulty breathing, coma.

One of the most dangerous side effects is cramp. These are abnormalities in the brain that cause a spasm of the body. Not only excessive use of Xanax can lead to convulsions, but also a sharp rejection of the use.

Xanax and alcohol side effects

Xanax and alcohol

One of the main systems in our body is the central nervous system. Xanax is depressing to her, forcing the person to relax. Alcohol has a similar effect. It is impossible to combine Alprazolam and alcohol, because their enhanced action can lead to slower breathing, drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, coma. In particularly dangerous cases, a fatal outcome is likely. If you or your relative is taking Xanax along with alcohol, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Important: Both alcohol and Xanax slow down mental processes and physical reactions, both negatively affect the nervous system.

There are cases when a person stopped taking Xanax, and a day or two he met with friends and allowed himself a glass of beer. This should not be done, since the active components of the drug have not yet left the body, which means that they mix with alcohol and can give unwanted side effects.

Xanax side effects in elderly

Researches have shown that Xanax has a stronger effect on the elderly than middle-aged patients. That is why unwanted side effects in patients over 60 years of age may be stronger and last longer. In this case, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Memory problems

One of the most frequent complaints of patients while taking Xanax is a memory problem. It lies in the fact that people forget short-term memories. This is due to the fact that a person cannot concentrate and remember information about something. But this effect does not last long.


Xanax is an affordable, reliable and popular drug for treating depression, insomnia, anxiety. But an uncontrolled increase in dose or an excessively long period of administration can lead to dependence. Xanax is especially dangerous for those who suffer from drug addiction. This is due to the short half-life of Alprazolam: the effect of the drug comes quickly, but with abuse causes dependence.

Interaction with other drugs

In no case can not use Xanax simultaneously with antidepressants, narcotic painkillers, drugs based on benzodiazepine, since its effect will be strengthened several times. Alprazolam can not be combined with drugs of the opposite action, such as cocaine or other stimulants and energy, since the effect of them can be extremely harmful to the body.

Xanax sexual side effects

Those who take and especially plan to take Xanax, often have a question, will the drug affect their sex life? Studies show that among some patients there is a decrease in sexual activity. But very often it is associated with depression or anxiety, from which people get rid of with the help of Xanax.

Experts have concluded that there is a complex relationship between anxiety, depression and erectile dysfunction (ED). Anxiety can cause ED, and ED aggravates anxiety. As for women, the situation here is the opposite. Xanax helps to fight depression, and therefore allows a woman to open up sexually, because she begins to feel more confident.


Numerous studies show that taking Xanax according to the instructions, in compliance with the recommendations of the doctor and moderate doses in most cases gives a positive result with minimal side effects. But do not forget that the active substances of the drug can have different effects on a particular person. In the event of side effects, you should immediately consult a doctor.

This article is solely educational, encyclopedic and informational functions. You must obtain the approval of your doctor before applying the tips and recommendations described in the article. Do not self-medicate!